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Smart Materials Technology
Robotics and Ai Engineering

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Dual Degree

in engineering


international program

4 years

152 credits

120,000 THB

per semester

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MATBOT is a dual-degree bachelor of engineering program in Smart Materials Technology & Robotics and AI Engineering at KMITL. Our focus is on making the advanced robots design and making them smarter by using advanced AI algorithms, engineering techniques and sensors, as well as going beyond their limit by applying them with smart materials, and creating innovation to identify and solve significant problems across a broad range of applications.

What you
will learn

We are multidisciplinary learning that combines the principle of mechatronics, electrical, computer, and nanotechnology. Some of the main subjects are Computer Vision, Semiconductor, Micro and Nanofabrication and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, we have a variety of electives for the student to choose from — learn what they love.

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Software Architect

Data Scientist

AI/ML/IOT Engineer

Machine Designer

System Engineer


KMITL is one of the leading universities in science and technology in Thailand and is considered to be the largest engineering school with more than 90% graduate employability within an academic year. With numerous cooperative activities from industry, KMITL also extends the high-level research and development to industries. In addition, KMITL has an international research collaboration with more than 50 countries around the world in 2012.

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